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Scott Robinson: Conference MC

If you've ever met Scott, you get it.

A character, a creative sage, a disruptor: he’s been called it all.
But over his twenty plus years heading up thebox, Scott’s most enduring qualities are clear in his approach to progressive leadership and his knack for having bloody good ideas.

A natural storyteller with an analytical mind, Scott is a bonafide multidisciplinarian across strategy, technology and creative. Sitting in the centre of this paradigm, Scott leads the specialist team at thebox with a strong focus on culture.
Son of an ad man and a doting mother (“Dawn by name, dawn by nature”), his upbringing wasn’t exactly ordinary. His father, a writer and strategist with a keen interest in organisational culture, often held workshops from the family property, unknowingly (or not) imbuing into Scott the foundations of his future.

Scott Robinson: Conference MC

Having spent a majority of his childhood bashing out tunes on a piano or lugging around a Eeb Tuba, it's fair to say that Scott’s first true love was music. He often dreamed of rockstardom - and as a teen his dream (sort of) came true. Between playing bass, writing songs, marketing gigs and negotiating with publican's, Scott’s band gave him his first taste of creative business - and he liked it.

At age twenty one, with nothing but a car and a healthy dose of bravado to his name, Scott opened the doors to his first agency.

Since then, Scott has gone on to open a host of other creative businesses including bureau42, EUSO Digital and Panda Candy.
A lot has changed since the turn of the millennium, but Scott continues to stay not only up-to-date but ahead of the pack. His uncanny ability to create solutions to complex commercial and community situations has earned Scott and thebox recognition locally and internationally.

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